what's your drink of choice??

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It's been a very difficult three weeks- we've been told we are over budget by our contractor (if I told you how much you would not believe me), a thousand important decisions needed yesterday, in summation...THIS IS NOT FUN. At the end of the day our drink of choice during this difficult period has been a dirty martini with a jalapeno stuffed olive! I'm usually more of a wine (or whine girl!) and Dan's a beer guy, but as I told my friend Mary at St. Mary's "hard times call for hard liquor!"

So.... make me feel better and tell me what is your drink of choice?!

No, I'm not trying to emulate Beyonce doing her 'If you like it then you shoulda put a ring in it..." (And trust me I do this all the time- I love that song!!) Three weeks ago I slipped on some ice in the garage, of all places, and caught a finger on the bumper of the car as I was going down (don't ask about the precious pitcher I had just purchased at an antiques shop that broke...) Dan immediately wanted me to go to the emergency room, but I thought it was just a badly sprained finger. Three weeks later we decided I was wrong- turns out it was really an avulsion fracture. Gross. Please ignore the cuticles and the lack of a manicure (it's been a long three weeks) and please ignore the age spots (it's been a long 48 years!!!)