Framing in memories

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One of the things that we happily left behind in Dallas was the "dozer mentality"- the builders and homeowners who tore down lovely 1940's/1950's homes to put up their own Mac Mansions. We lived in a neighborhood of 1950's ranches and you could not go a week without one or more of these old gems being torn down. It made me so sad to see these sweet, lovely homes demolished and to have a huge house that took up the whole lot built in it's place. I would guess the current economy has slowed the dozing... . We love the Yankee ingenuity and that they save everything here... including old houses!

So, it dawned on us that the improvements we are making to the house could enable it last another 150 years, and we should place some mementos in the wall for another generation to find. It is not uncommon when remodeling an antique home in New England to find objects in the walls- things placed there during the original construction; some for good luck (like children's shoes) and other utilitarian objects that show life at the time. We often wonder about all the souls who have lived in our house, and would love to have more information. Unfortunately, we didn't find anything in the walls.

When we first had the thought to frame some items into the wall it was the day after the inauguration, so we purchased a local newspaper. One of our framers suggested a dollar bill from this year, but other than that I am at a loss! I would love to hear your ideas of other things to include!