a King Size bed

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We have never had a King size bed. We started with a Double (ahhh, young love!) and then upgraded to a Queen when we moved to Dallas. Then, once a year (no kidding) for 14 years, I would walk into the master bedroom with tape measure in hand and try to make the measurements for a king size bed fit. They never did. And I'd give up the dream until another year had passed and I'd think... well maybe this time it will be different, and do the drill all over again.... Either I'm tenacious, or just not very smart!! In all honesty a King would have fit, but it would have totally messed up my scale and proportion in the bedroom, and I'm all about scale and proportion!

So, I am very happy to say that now after twenty years of marriage we will finally have a King size bed! (Hey, it's the little things in life!!) When we bought the house our now master bedroom was actually the master bathroom (no shower), a closet and a bedroom. To get from the master bedroom to the master bath you had to walk through the master closet! We moved the master bathroom into the new ell and the master closet adjacent to it, which is actually the upstairs of the barn. The master bedroom then became one large, lovely, dreamy (can you tell I'm excited?!) bedroom. The room measures approximately 14 x 30. We are adding french doors which lead to the porch (it was a single door before) and we are adding a gas fireplace. It has always been a dream to have a fireplace in my master bedroom, and in New Hampshire you really want a fireplace in the bedroom!

I would love to hear if you love your mattress (or hate it!) and what brand you have. I'm overwhelmed with so many decisions, so any advice on beds would be greatly appreciated!

This is the master looking South. There are two entrances into the master now; the opened door on the right is one. In the middle of the room, on the floor, you will see the hole where the original chimney was removed allowing us to enlarge the room. There will be a sitting area in this end of the room.

This is the master facing North. The opened door on the left is the second entrance. The closed door leads to the master bath in the new ell. The large framed opening on the right will be the new french doors which open onto the upstairs porch. The french doors look out over the east meadow. The new gas fireplace will be to the right of the french door opening, the fireplace bump-out has not been framed in yet.

The new King bed will be on the expanse of wall on the left facing the french door opening

Looking into the new ell master bath from the master bedroom. The original cast iron tub sits in front of a pair of windows looking over the east meadow.

The single window to the left of the tub windows is the W.C. Wall to be built!

View facing northeast from the tub window!

View facing southeast from the tub window!

View opposite the tub. On the left, perpendicular to the windows will be the double sink vanity. The framing 0n the right is the neo-angle shower.

The framing on the left is the master shower. The framing on the right is a closet for the stacking washer and dryer. Through the center opening is the new master closet which is actually in the original barn!

Framers laying the floor for the master closet and storage room.