Wide Plank Floors

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The original floors in the house are all random width Eastern white pine, which is indigenous to our part of New Hampshire. For some unknown reason the dining room floors were replaced with oak at some point. We are replacing the oak with the Eastern white pine to match the rest of the house. We will be adding the pine to the kitchen and the Barn room. We are fortunate to live only 40 minutes away from the headquarters of Carlisle Wide Plank Floors which will supply our new floors. We like that they: are local and that the Eastern white pine comes from the our area, just as our antique floors did 150 years ago; age their wood naturally outside for about a year before slowing drying in a kiln which ensures that there will be no shrinkage when installed; and that after staining you apply four coats of a low VOC tung oil and the end product has a very natural finish that will hold up well in our climate. I felt like a kid in a candy store- every wood sample I saw was my new favorite! Luckily I had the limiting factor of matching existing floors or I'd still be deciding which floor I wanted a year from now. Sadly, I don't love any of their existing finishes (that would be too easy!), so it looks like we will be mixing a stain. Something medium brown with gold undertones is the goal. Nothing too dark, and nothing too light.

Wood drying outside.

The candy store!Yum!

These are the 13-20" widths that we will put in the Barn room. To match our original floors we will use reproduction antique square cut nails as seen in the photo.

This is the 6-10" that will go in the kitchen (shown in oak.)