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And yes... pun intended!!
The ell connects the main house to the barn. Unlike the main house it had been remodeled (very poorly) over the years-- ugly aluminum windows, the only shower in the house right off the old kitchen- ewww, uneven floors due to the structure being compromised to get plumbing in the upstairs guest bath, etc. . Simply put, it was a mess and the decision to take it down (and then to re-build it exactly in the same foot print) was an easy one. The new upstairs ell will house the master bath and the guest bath. The new downstairs ell will house 2/3 of the kitchen (the other 1/3 is in the original main part of the house.) Since much of the new electrical and all of the new plumbing for the master bath, guest bath, and the kitchen will be in the new ell it made so much sense to take it down to put it up again all new and level! But having said that it still was a 'OMG' kind of moment! Hold you breath... here goes some 'before', 'after', and 'in between' photos! The new framing starts tomorrow!


In between!

Ella waiting patiently for her turn in the port-a-potty!!