my favorite everyday glassware....

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To tell you this is my favorite go-to, everyday glassware is a big statement for me, as I have a "thing" for glasses. 
Some people do dishes (I'm a white-dish girl, though I admit I do have a "few" other plates ;)...
I do glassware
From Bacarrat to Ikea to antiques.... doesn't matter; I have them all, and love and use them all!

These favorite glasses put me in good company, as they are also Martha's and Ina's favorite too!  In fact, I first ordered these years ago from the old Martha Stewart catalog.  I panicked when the catalog was discontinued until I found them at CB2- Crate and Barrel's hip understudy. 
These are the Marta glasses. 
They are paper-thin, sturdy and elegant!  Yes, sturdy.  They are fabulous for so many drinks, and their ultra-thin lip is perfect for coating with salt for margaritas-   just in case you were wondering;) 
I buy the 18oz. Cooler size.

Just for you :) I made a margarita to show you how wonderful they are in this glass!

With the early arrival of Spring this year (word on the street is that we are at least three weeks ahead of normal) and our gorgeous weather, we have been spending lots of time out on the porches.  We have coffee here in the morning and cocktails at night!  So, this is where I am tonight.... on the porch with my favorite everyday glass, having a margarita for you!!

And, speaking of porches.... look who's porch was shown on
The Huffington Post Stylelist Home today!!!!!!

Happy weekend!
oh, and Cheers!!!