the winter front porch

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In Texas we could grow pansies throughout the entire winter; here pansies are spring and early summer flowers!  Since nothing grows outside in the winter months it becomes a fun challenge to find filling for the antique urn at the front door.  The last couple of years I have left the Christmas boughs in the urn, but this year I felt the need for an all-white arrangement, probably due to the fact that until this past week we haven't had any snow, to speak of, on the ground since that unusual Halloween snow storm.

 I filled the urn with white birch branches that we found on the forest floor!

(these photos were taken before the snow arrived)

A large basketball-size Japanese fishing float keeps the urn company, along with a collection
 of "white" conks
Please note the large conk attached to the branch.

The day after I made the above arrangement of all-white at the front door I found this....
a "white" conk at the base of the mailbox!

 A gift !
I assume it is from our handyman/painter, but perhaps it is a gift from the conk fairy?!