the farmhouse floor plan

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I was in my late teens when I first started tearing out and saving the floor plans from the back of my mother's Southern Living magazines!   I have no idea what I was saving them for, but each month I would place them in a folder to study and keep.  So, when Andrea D. wrote and asked if the floor plan from the Renovation Style magazine feature was anywhere on the blog I totally understood her desire to see it to make sense of how all the rooms relate to one another. 

the farmhouse floor plan

It was in my late teens that I started to save floor plans, but I was obviously studying them years before as I drew this floor plan when I was 11 or 12!  It is entitled "My House at Stable."  I loved horses and was fantasizing about living at the stable.  So much of this floor plan makes me laugh:  that there was a chair and table on the front porch, a pillow on the bed, and especially that I had included a "walk-in closet" and a "store room," which I assume was a storage/tack room.  I even had a pretty good work-triangle in the kitchen!

This was the stable where I was fantasizing living!  My cousin, Lizzie, and I built this stable from pieces of 2 x 4's that we found at house construction sites in her new neighborhood. The "roof" on the stable is even made from asphalt shingles!  You can see the scale from the wire edging in the photo.
 We built the stable for our beloved Breyer horses in a corner of her backyard (Thank you Aunt Cappy!)  My two horses are on the left; that's Pocahontas on the far-left :)  (I must admit that clicking the Breyer link and seeing all the accessories they make for Breyer horses now made my 12-year-old heart skip a beat!) 
Please note (or try,  as the photograph is so blurry;) that the stable was even "landscaped" with plastic greenery and flowers, with rocks as stone edging.  I even included a decorative wicker chair!
The flood of love and memories I get upon seeing this photograph makes my heart happy!

Me and Cherokee! 
Cherokee belonged to the stable where I took riding lessons (English) and we had just won First!

I only recently stumbled upon my old "stable" floor plan and photos, so I thought they were fitting for this post!   Thank you for allowing me my stroll down memory lane!

Post Script:
My sweet brother-in-law, Doug- who is married to my "much older sister Susan", whom I have known since I was eight-years-old;), just sent me this photograph of me riding "Val" at his family's farm that was close to Brenham, Texas. 
Thank you Doug!  Sweet memories!