frost on the pumpkins...

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actually it's snow!
We woke up to just under two inches of snow this morning.  It will be melted by noon. 
This is early, even for New England.  There are rumors it is going to be a b.a.d. snow year :O

It is a beautiful, yet unusual, sight to see snow on the ground while there are still Fall leaves on the trees.  I had high hopes of regaling you with amazing Fall foliage photos all season, but Fall this year has been very unusual.  Due to all the rain we've had since August the leaves just haven't been their normal OMG Fall-in-New-England selves.  Instead of going through the yellow/orange/red changing of colors, they are turning yellow and then just dropping.  Usually at this time of year you say "OMG" about 100 times a day as every time you turn a corner there is stunning Fall color that literally blows you away. 
(My apologies to all the out-of-state leaf-peeper license plates I see every day;)

Despite it not being a "normal" Fall... it's still nothing to sneeze at:):):)

Happy Weekend!