the guest bath: details

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Thank you for all of your comments about the guest bath!!

The wall color is Benjamin Moore's Moonshine OC-56 in Eggshell.  This is a gray with green undertones.  Because the ceiling is very angular in this room (i.e.  where do you start and stop a color) I took the paint up on the ceiling, so the entire room is Moonshine.  The wainscoting, trim and shutters are Benjamin Moore's White Dove in Latex Satin Impervo.

This sink and faucet is the only piece we reused in the whole renovation other than the antique apron tub in the master bath.  The sink is made by Kohler and the faucet is by Delta.  Towel ring from Restoration Hardware.
The beveled mirror is an antique.  I painted the frame about 8 different times!  I was mixing paints trying to get the shade to be somewhere between the wall color and the background green/blue in the shower curtain.    The soap sits in an antique ironstone dish that has aged to a wonderful putty color.

This light fixture and the sconce over the toilet were purchased on ebay from a company that sells old props from all the major movie studios.  I added the shades.  I always wonder if these light fixtures were ever "extras" in some old movie! 
Traditional wood shutters are from Horizon Shutters.
 The shower curtain is from Target.  Unfortunately, it is discontinued.  At the time I found it I was hunting my fabric sources for fabric to have one custom made.  I happened to stumble upon this one one day and it was perfect! 
The floor is 2-inch hexagon cararra marble.   The marble is also the floor in the shower- with white subway tiles on the wall and white 4 x 4" tiles on the ceiling.
To annon who suggested a rug;)... I consider the marble floor to be the major design element in this small space and couldn't possibly cover up such beauty with a rug!  As I do in the master bath, a "bath mat" (similar to an extra thick towel for the floor) is used when someone takes a shower, but is then put away.

Vintage green Chinese ginger jar.  I have a collection of these, but most are a darker shade of green.  This one has the same unusual green/blue that is the background color in the shower curtain, so it was perfect for the room.  In the winter I keep white miniature carnations in the ginger jar, but this summer I have loved the pop of orange from some potted begonias I have on the downstairs porch. 

The shower is behind the wall left of the toilet.  The toilet is made by Kohler.  The glass rod towel holder is from Renovation Hardware.  A potted staghorn fern sits on the tank. 
The antique oil painting is of our beloved Mount Hood in Oregon.  It's a sweet reminder of our very first apartment which had a breathtaking view of the mountain.      
We found the painting unframed, but it just happened to fit an antique frame that we had sitting in a closet... trust me that does not happen often- it's like winning the lottery!  

This guest bath is at the top of the stairs and is very visible when you reach the landing.  The door opens out into the landing (you can see the door on the left in the photo.)  A glass shower door (like the one in the master bath) was discussed, but I really wanted the softness of the fabric for the room and the view of pretty fabric instead of glass.  I also didn't want to spend another $1,000 on a glass shower door ;)
When we purchased the farmhouse this bath was slightly larger, but had a lower ceiling.  Instead of the shower the room had a clawfoot tub.  Since we were keeping a tub in the master bath I felt a shower would be more user-friendly for our guests and the tub was given to a fellow blogger who has an antique home in upstate New York!  Removing the tub and replacing it with a shower enabled us to gain a few inches of space in the master bath which sits behind and to the side of this bath.
(For those of you with the magazine it might help to reference the floor plan on the last page of our feature.)

for reference/for Karen ;) the shower walls measure:

18.5" x 46.25" x 34.25" x 30.5" with a door opening of 22.25"