my mother made me buy it...

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when I was 12 years old... with my birthday money. 
 I was not happy. 

I didn't want it in the first place, and it was "old" to my 12-year-old-self as it was 17 years old when I was made to buy it.  If I was to have to have a sewing machine I wanted one that was bright, shiny and new.  My mother sewed and her sewing machine was the large version of the featherweight.  She had had hers for years and knew this one was of value, even then.  I did not.  Then, to make matters worse for my 12-year-old-self my mother made me take sewing lessons during the summer vacation that year....again, not happy. 

I did not learn to sew well that summer, or any summer for that matter.  I can sew straight lines and have made many pillows, napkins,  curtains (think heavy cotton upholstery-weight with a lining and tassel trim curtains ;), and lots of puppy scarves (our first dog, Kelsey, wore a lot of scarves:) and  I once made a slip cover for an ottoman.  Minutes after I had made it and put it on the ottoman Dan asked me how I did it, and I honestly hadn't a clue.  I figured it out as I went, and could not have recreated it if my life had depended on it! 
My point is that while " I " do not sew well (my kingdom to know how to put in a zipper- the pillows I make all have a "whipped" closure- I must have been daydreaming that day in sewing class;)  this little sewing machine is, well.... a machine!!  It can sew like the big-boys, so don't be fooled by its diminutive demeanor. 
I have grown to love and appreciate my little sewing machine over the years, which is now a collector's item.  It has served me well.  Just today I had to get it out to sew up a little tear in one of the slipcovers from the kitchen dining table. 
My mint Singer Featherweight was made in 1955.  I found the same make/year/condition for sale for $630!!

I guess it's time I thank my mother for making me buy it!

Note the price sticker on the spool of thread... it is from Winn's- a dime store in Texas that was a favorite store of mine as a child.  It closed probably close to 20 years ago... I guess you could say I don't use "white" thread very often!! 

so (no pun intended;) ..... do you know how to sew?!