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The Home Within Us

"What we crave in this life is an outer beauty that reflects the gorgeous world inside us.  I am speaking about the house within us.  What if the house inside you became the house you lived in?  What if you envisioned that your life could be just the way you imagine it?  Then you are en route to enlightened destiny, because each of us has huge control over our lives.  We don't always realize this because we are, to a degree, defined by so many outside forces.  But at the same time, we do have the power to create our own environment-- and our environment, in turn, shapes us.
One of the strongest ingredients in keeping you who you are, your physical environment also keeps you in full awareness of where you are.  If you can find your way to live in the house within you, then you not only create an enormous, broad, and lovely offering to yourself, but also to your "pack" -- your family and friends.  You will also inspire anyone who has not yet been able to make this connection.  Such is the power of rooms."

I have admired Bobby McAlpines's work for almost two decades.  I am loving this book, and adore the above passage because I am passionate about the power of home.   I, too, believe that the environment in which you live can change your life- that there is power in living in a beautiful space.  This has absolutely nothing to do with where you live, the size of your house, or how much money you do or don't have.... but everything to do with
doing the best you can with what you have, where you are

(you can find the book here)