this photo is for Claire...

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A couple of weeks ago Dan and I were at an antiques mall that we shop at occasionally. Keep in mind that this mall is almost an hour, and several towns away from our house. I am in a booth upstairs where over a year and a half ago I had purchased the beautiful crystal chandelier that now hangs in the master bath (here). A woman walked into the booth carrying some merchandise, so I asked her if she was the dealer, and she said "Yes."

I then said... "you had a crystal chandelier hanging in the corner...."

She replied "Yes, it sold."

I said "I know....... I bought it!!"

I then went on to tell her how it now hangs in my master bath, and it is beautiful and we love it and that we are renovating an 1850's farmhouse. She looks at me a little oddly, and asks....
"You wouldn't happen to be
"for the love of a house"
would you???"

thuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuud..... that's the sound of me falling on the floor!

now, how in the world???............
Turns out I have a very little bit of a Southern accent and she was putting two-and-two together and remembered that we had moved from Texas! She said she had followed my blog for a long time, but had never left a comment ((Helloooooo People......... I blog for comments!!! I already know what my house looks like!!! Your comments keep me posting!!!;);)
She had even told her husband when she originally saw my post on the chandelier that she thought it was "her" chandelier!

Turns out the chandelier had originally been her mother's. Her mother had purchased this vintage chandelier from the Design Center in Boston back in the 60's.
Claire seemed very happy that her mother's chandelier was so very loved and cherished in it's new home!

so..... this one's for you Claire, and your mother!!