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clean windows!!
I think clean windows make a room sing!

We (and of course when I say 'we' I really mean Dan) have been busy for the last three weeks cleaning all the antique windows in the house. This is no easy feat. When we still lived in Dallas, and I would sit and fantasize about my "antique dream house in New England" and all the light it would have I failed to think that all that wonderful light comes from windows.... lots and lots of windows! Windows that need lots of cleaning!
My dream of an antique house with lots of light came true... the farmhouse has amazing light in the house all year long. In total (this includes the barn) the house has 45 windows and 4 sets of french doors! That's a lot of window cleaning!!
19 of the windows are the original 160 year old windows with gorgeous wavy glass. They have storm windows on the exterior, and it had been at least five years since any maintenance or window cleaning had taken place. Each antique window took Dan 3 1/2 hours to clean. The biggest part of the job was the scrapping of paint off of the panes; a fingertip-numbing job.
But, the good news is they all look gorgeous! It was as if we had removed a dark film off of each window, and the waviness of the glass increased ten fold!
I am one happy girl, as I fought long and hard to keep these original windows. Constantly hearing about how the new windows were so much more energy efficient, blah, blah, blah. Yeah, but do they have 160 year old wavy glass and character that you just can't buy?!

I'm a big fan of vinegar and water as a window cleaning product being that it's natural and green, but this job also called for the big-guns to come out and my go-to product is Invisible Glass.

Do you have any windows to clean?!!

Hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving! It was our first one here at the house, and it was very special!