Posting in Pink In honor of my friend Mary....

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I am posting in pink today as October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

Mary of St. Mary's blog is a breast cancer survivor, and has an inspiring story.....the day she bought an antique church to turn into her home, she was diagnosed with breast cancer.
Mary says she saved the church, and the church saved her.

Mary is a funny, independent,and very strong woman.
(fyi- Mary is not a minister or pastor, her blog name is a play on words, as she bravely bought a church to renovate!)
She has been a dear friend and ardent supporter of mine, and I am so very grateful for the gift of her friendship. If you haven't already done so, be sure to visit Mary's blog (HERE)- she just got back from Africa!

"Posting in Pink" was brought to my attention by Mrs. Blandings and by Pigtown Designs. I have borrowed this link from Meg at Pigtown...
You can help a low-income woman get a breast cancer screening by clicking

here's Ella this morning wearing pink today in honor of Miss Mary