see anything wrong??

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No, not that the top drawer is missing. No, not the squiggly line on the beadboard (I'll address that at the end of this post), though that is wrong too! Look closely... see it??? The faucet spouts are two different sizes...go figure. There was an inch difference between the two. Ah, the fun little surprises of a remodel!!

These little lovelies in the master bath are Rohl's Country Bath Collection Hex Spout Widespread faucets. I purchased them along with my Shaw sink and my Perrin & Rowe kitchen faucet on ebay. They are all "firsts" and I saved a lot of money by buying on ebay. I just happened to purchase everything (because they aways had the best price) from a company called Buy Aggressive. I have nothing but rave reviews for Leo and Peter of this company.

When I first received my pair of faucets one of the spouts had a deep scratch defect in it. Leo assured me he would "take care of everything," which he did. He sent me a pre-paid shipping label to return the damaged faucet, and then sent me out a replacement. New faucet arrived and was perfect, so plumbers installed them both. Several days later I realized something was off! I finally figured out that the faucets were two different sizes (the cross handles are the same size, so go figure.)

I had already left positive feedback on ebay for the purchase, so in theory Leo/Peter could have said "Sorry" and left it at that, but they didn't. They again told me they would "take care of everything" and sent me, not one, but two new faucets so I could be assured of getting them both the right size this time. They sent me two (un-paid for) faucets trusting that once my plumber changed them out I would send back the two mis-sized faucets; again, with pre-paid return labels. In my book that's great customer service! So, if you're in need of any faucets or sinks, check them out on ebay!

I know a lot of people are leery of buying on ebay, much less large ticket items, but I have always (knock on wood) had really good experiences. I was only stiffed once for a $3.99 DVD!

p.s. please don't ask about the squiggly line of silicone caulking on the beadboard from where (with only minutes before it set-up for eternity) Dan was able to pry off the marble backsplash after our knuckle-head plumbers were told by our bigger knuckle-head CG to install it (evidently with a whole tube of caulking.) The top edge that butted up to the beadboard hadn't been finished out and it had a very jagged edge and we were going to take it back to the stone fabricators; the plumbers, of course, thought it looked perfectly fine. If you've ever tried to remove silicone caulking then you know it is virtually impossible... it took Dan about two weeks to finally get most of the squiggly line off! Marble installers were back to the house this past week and it is now finished, installed properly with only a few "dots" of silicone and is beautiful! Photos to follow!