A brick wall

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After the see-thru fireplace is put in we will cover the kitchen side with an exposed brick wall and hearth. Our contractor had some of the original bricks from the chimney that was removed laid out on the floor in the same size as the wall so I could pick and chose which bricks I wanted and which ones I didn't.

Here's where I could use some help... not long ago I came across a design blog that had a post about loving exposed brick walls- she had lots of photos which I would dearly love to see again! Of course, now I can't re-find it (you know how a blog leads to a blog, leads to a blog goes...) So if anyone knows of the aforementioned brick wall post I would so appreciate a shout out!!

And on a "sweet" note; Dan had to do some business at our town offices today and he brought home some hand-dipped chocolate covered cherries from the candy store! Our Main street is only about two blocks long, so I am very happy that one of the shops is a candy store! They've been in business since 1914 and make all their own candy and chocolates; at Christmas they even hand pull their own candy canes!