Kitchen Rising

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The ice storm set us back a bit and we are just now starting the framing on the ell...

Kitchen floor joists being attached to the granite foundation. The 150 year old stacked granite foundation is only 1/8 of an inch off of level today- amazing!

The framed doorway will be the mudroom off of the kitchen. The mudroom will also house a stacking washer and dryer for kitchen towels. New Hampshire actually has a mud season! so mud rooms are imperative, especially when you have dogs and love to garden!

The two-over-two casement wood windows are still a couple of weeks out, so while their framing is in, the openings won't be cut until they arrive. There will be two separate windows with the range placed between the two.

View from the back of the property. There will be three side-by-side windows in the plywood expanse which are centered over the sink.

Door on the left upstairs above the framing is the door from the master bedroom into the new master bath. The door on the right is the door to the new guest bath.

View from the main house 'part of the kitchen' to the new ell 'part of the kitchen.' The workers are installing the load-supporting beam which will do away with the studs in the foreground making the old and new kitchen one big room.

Hard as it is to imagine the white board/open hole/painted wood area in the photo will soon be the entrance into the master walk-in closet! The closet is in the barn above the soon-to-be great room (aka the Barn Room.) Also on this level of the barn will be a mechanical room housing the heating and AC for the barn and a storage room. The closet will measure approximately 14 x 14, and while we certainly don't need a closet that big the space is there and closets are such a rarity in antique homes that bigger is better.